What's NEW in the New Year for Daytona Beach

What's NEW in the New Year for Daytona Beach

As we embark on a new chapter in 2024, Daytona Beach is set for an exciting year of transformation and growth. From the much-anticipated arrival of Costco to the expansion of healthcare facilities and groundbreaking community projects, 2024 promises to be a standout year for positive developments in the city. Let's dive into the upcoming projects that await Daytona Beach this year.

  1. Costco's Arrival at One Daytona: February 2024 will mark a milestone for Daytona Beach with the grand opening of Costco at One Daytona. This event is more than just a new retail addition; it's a significant step toward enhancing the city's shopping experience. Costco's reputation for quality and affordability aligns perfectly with the community's desire for value, making it a valuable asset to residents and a great addition bringing in traffic to local businesses at One Daytona.
  2. Continued Growth at LPGA: Our shopping, dining and entertainment options are multiplying around Tanger Outlets, as it continues to evolve as a hub for diverse experiences. The introduction of new stores such as Floor & Decor and a Tiger Woods-designed Putting Course, Popstroke, adds layers of excitement and variety to the retail landscape. Starbucks and Buccee's car wash further contribute to the diversity of the shopping destination, making it an all-day destination for both locals and visitors.
  3. Advent Health Daytona Beach Campus Expansion: As the area’s top employing healthcare system, also to receive a rare A-rating, the expansion of the Advent Health Daytona Beach campus is a testament to the top-notch quality and availability of medical services in our vicinity. The new surgery center is not just a physical expansion; it represents an investment in the well-being of the community. The enhanced medical facilities contribute positively to our reputation as a city that values the health and happiness of its residents.
  4. East ISB Corridor Completion: The long-awaited renewal of East International Speedway Boulevard - the MAIN artery leading our 10 million annual tourists to the World’s Most Famous Beach - is finally underway, and has been for months now. Once completed, this major project will undoubtedly reshape the first impression of incoming tourists and become a stepping stone to the necessary redevelopment of our history-rich beachside community.
  5. Plantation Bay Clubhouse: The unveiling of the new $30 million Plantation Bay clubhouse is a celebration of community living. This state-of-the-art facility is not merely a clubhouse but a focal point for social interactions, events, and shared experiences. As it takes center stage, it symbolizes the commitment to creating a vibrant and connected community within Plantation Bay.
  6. Awaiting Announcements:
    1. Ormond Crossings Breaking Ground: The groundbreaking at Ormond Crossings will mark the beginning of a new era for this developing area. The blend of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces reflects a thoughtful approach to community planning that had been at a standstill since the recession of 2008. As the project unfolds, it promises to bring about positive changes in the fabric of the greater Daytona region, creating a new harmonious environment for residents to live, work, and play.
    2. As an investor at TEAM Volusia, our county’s public-private economic driver, I’m getting regular updates with MANY new employers visiting and prospectively relocating to Volusia. There should be some big announcements coming our way over the next 365 days with more high-paying jobs as several new companies make significant investments into our charming coastal community.

As we begin the new year, "What's NEW in the New Year for Daytona Beach" becomes more than just a query—it's a proclamation of transformative change. Daytona Beach isn't simply a spectator to these developments; it's an active participant in shaping a future rich with promise, growth, and community resilience. Together, with the community leading the charge, we are orchestrating the rise of a truly exceptional 2024, not just for Daytona Beach but for the entire region. Beyond the individual projects, the city is experiencing a collective surge in growth and prosperity. The synergy between the community, local businesses, and government initiatives is creating a positive and dynamic environment. Opportunities abound, infrastructure is advancing, and the well-being of residents takes center stage in the city's visionary approach. This remarkable growth mirrors o Daytona Beach's unwavering resilience and determination to cultivate a positive and progressive atmosphere. Notably, both Flagler and Volusia counties are integral players in this wave of positive development, fostering a collaborative spirit and a shared commitment to building a flourishing future for all who call this region home. Together, we are crafting a narrative of progress, unity, and prosperity that will define the collective journey towards a brighter tomorrow.

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